To transform the performing arts scholarship process for student and academic recruiters by creating the most sophisticated compatibility matching community resulting in increased exposure for students and connections with academic institutions saving time and resources.

Scholarship Auditions.com a better, faster and more effective way for performing arts students to find (and get found by) colleges and universities.

How is it better than current methods?

For students and families:

  • We offer students and their families tools to become better musicians so they are more likely to qualify for scholarships. Tools like:
    • What to expect during auditions
    • The scholarship value of musical experiences like summer camp
    • A central place for students to showcase their talent, festival and competition placements, honors ensemble participation, and video audition performances which are searchable by higher education institutions
    • A grade-by-grade guide for students to grow as performers and expand their experiences, making them better prepared to qualify for scholarships

For high school teachers and guidance counselors

  • A time-saving and thorough resource to guide and manage student progress

For colleges and universities

  • A resource to support recruitment that supports finding and engaging with promising students you could not find through traditional methods including features such as:
    • A searchable database of performing arts students
    • Internal messaging
    • Video audition review
    • Much, much more.


ScholarshipAuditions.com has been designed by secondary- and college-level music educators, former college deans, band parents, and professional musicians. Our team is committed to leveling the playing field for performing arts students by helping any student who wants to continue playing in college find their best college fit.

Scholarship Auditions is working to change the way performing arts students are found so no matter if you’re a talented student at a rural high school or at a high school not known for their performing arts program, you can still get noticed by the colleges that need you.

Start working toward your college goals now by creating your profile on ScholarshipAuditions.com