Life comes at you fast. Before you know it, you are having conversations with your child about college aspirations. It seems like just yesterday they picked up their first musical instrument or started singing. Are you ready to lead your child down the road to college success?

Who gets the best scholarships? You might think they go to the most talented performers. That’s a good guess, but not always true! Colleges offer their first scholarships (and the most scholarship dollars) to students who fill their ensemble needs.  That means even if your child is one of the best student trumpet players in the country, but if their first-choice school needs bassoon players and bass singers, they probably will not get one of the biggest scholarship packages, the bassoon player and bass singer will.

A few questions you may have:

  • What is the right performance, academic, and financial roadmap for your child, whether in 6th grade beginning the journey or a Junior/Senior, where the college application process is in full motion?
  • How many scholarships go unclaimed each year? How do you find them?
  • How do you help your child if you do not understand the college preparation and application process?
  • When do you start planning and helping your child prepare?
  • Have you waited too long to start the process?
  • Who is your child’s advocate in the process?

Our extensive research shows that a majority of parents have a tough time answering these questions, so if you did too, you are not alone. We understand the process of matching the performance profile of your child with the needs of US college and university performing arts programs. Once your child completes a simple four-step profile, it will be seen by hundreds of recruiters who are looking to attract students to their universities and colleges. This is where will help.

  • Our data is updated real-time so your child’s information will be matched to the current needs of recruiters.
  • We have cross-referenced the audition requirements and repertoire directory across all colleges and universities in the United States.
  • College recruiters reach out directly to you and your child on in an unfiltered approach. You control the discussions, not us!

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