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Explore the most comprehensive directory of colleges, universities, and conservatories for the performing arts.

Premier programs are those that have…

  • Students go on to have solo careers and perform in nationally recognized ensembles
  • Instructors that are (or have been) preeminent performers in nationally recognized ensembles
  • Instructors that have (or had) a world-renowned solo performance or career
  • Acclaimed performances or showcases annually
  • Historically, great graduation rates and networking opportunities for students after graduation
  • Excellent facilities; recording studios, performance venues (auditoriums and stages), learning environments

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Approximately $1.25 billion in scholarship money in the performing arts go unused every year! By creating an account, you can have access to our list of THOUSANDS of non-institutional scholarships. Be sure to check back and login regularly, as we continually update our database for newly found and created scholarships.

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Scholarship provides a comprehensive and searchable database of over 1400 Performing Fine Arts programs in America.  Our database gives students, parents and educators valuable information on programs, degree offerings, tuition and more.

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The student profile can save you and your child both time and money for the application and auditioning processes. Instead of visiting ten or more schools and paying $100 per application, we can help match your child with the right program and at the school.

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In addition to your own personal profile, you should have your child’s mentors and educators create a profile. They can assist your child in creating a complete profile. Moreover, they can write recommendation letters for your child and create lasting relationships with recruiters.