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Who gets the best scholarships? You might think they go to the most talented performers. That’s a good guess, but that’s not always true! The first and best scholarships go to performers who fill the ensemble and studio needs of the school. That means you can be one of the best student trumpet players in the country, but if your first-choice school needs bassoon players and bass singers, you probably will not get one of the biggest scholarship packages; the bassoon player and bass singer will.

Did you know:

  • Colleges are actively and aggressively looking for students to fill specific needs? 
  • You can make colleges aware of you, your repertoire, and your audition before you spend money and apply to that school?
  • You can learn before applying what your desired school wants from candidates?
  • Scholarships are readily available for students, if you meet a school’s need? is designed to help students prepare and document their talents and achievements, and facilitate connecting them to the schools that need them.

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